Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Catch Up

I don't know how the weeks have flown by so fast!  We're getting over a short stomach virus here and it gives me the chance to sit and catch up on my pictures.  I'll save my school photos for my next post and I'll really try to get those up soon.

Earlier this summer we spent a day at the local waterpark, Splash Town.  This was by far, more fun than our earlier trip to Schlitterbahn (with hour long lines for each water slide).  We went on a Saturday after the public school kids started school and there was less than a five minute wait on every water slide.  It's a small enough water park that Chris and I felt comfortable letting Christopher and Matthew go on the big waterslides together without one of us.  The little kiddie area was also very well suited for Gabriel and Leah while Anna had fun splashing around as well.  This is somewhere I can see us getting summer passes to next year. 

All three of the boys started taking a weekly "Rough and Tumble" class for boys at a nearby gymnastics place in November of last year.  They were in the same class which is a big plus because that's not usually possible with an almost five year span between Gabriel and Christopher.  We started the class up with another homeschooled boy.

The boys really liked the class, but we decided to take a break with it while Christopher and Matthew play flag football.  The boys' last gymnastics class was a few weeks ago.

The girls and I watched the 50 minute classes from behind the windowed walls. 

At the end of each tumbling lesson, the instructor gave the boys stamps on their hands and feet.  Leah ran into the room as soon as she saw them gathering near the stamps so she could get some too.

The weather here in south Texas has been BEAUTIFUL for a couple of weeks now and we are spending a lot of time outdoors, soaking up the sun, enjoying weather that is finally not too hot to do anything in. 
We joined my friend Sara and her little ones, Ethan and Hannah, at the zoo last week. 

Autumn weather in Texas usually doesn't come until November or December-ish, and most of the leaves on our Texas trees never change from green, so I was delighted that along with our cooler than average weather at the end of September, our leaves magically changed colors as well!  I woke up one morning and walked outside to see this surprise.  (Thanks to Sara who snuck over the night before and autumn-leaved my yard!)

Happy Autumn!